#Edatips on dry hair

#Edatips on dry hair

As a stylist, I get this question A LOT:  "Eda, why does my hair feel so dry?". And although my answer varies according to the client and their type of hair, I can assure you that you might take advantage of the following tips to avoid hair breakage and dryness, no matter your hair type or situation.

Take note of the following #Edatips, they might be exactly what your hair needs.

Now, lets talk about some of the most common causes of dry hair:

  1. Over-Use of Heat Styling Tools
  2. Using the Wrong Haircare product
  3. Excessive hair washing
  4. Over-use of hair dyes and bleaches
  5. Environmental factors

Okay, let's talk about each of these probable causes of dry hair and what you can do to avoid them, reduce the damage to your hair and fix the damage that has already been done.


1- Over-Use of Heat Styling Tools

I love making my hair look flawless for a dinner date or a stroll down the spice aisle at the super market (because why not look amazing at all times) by using my hair iron or a blow-drier. But this is not so kind to my hair. I have adopted a "only use when completely necessary" policy for the use of heating tools on my hair.

You can still use your styling tools, don't get me wrong, but maybe use them once or twice a week instead of everyday, and use a heat-protector before applying heat to your hair.

I personally use and recommend the following to protect your hair from striping its natural oils:

 -ÄZ Sooth Serum: perfect to use for a weightless hairstyle without compromising volume or texture. You can also use it on both wet or dry hair to protect yo hair from heat.

-Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil: this amazing product will help you repair and nourish your hair while providing you with great heat-protection (up to 450°f)!


 You can always just rock your natural hair and leave it to dry on its own. You will looks gorgeous regardless! And if you need some products for frizz control I would recommend Olaplex No.7 and No.6.



2- Using the Wrong Haircare products

This is more common that you would think.

I see clients everyday who come to me and say they found their new favorite product and that they will never go back to their old ways!. And most of the times I need to rain on their parade and tell them that their new miracle product is simply not the best for their type of hair.

At the beginning they might have seen some changes in texture or volume, but sooner rather than later these products start to weigh down on their hair and dryness comes to haunt them.

This is where I come in to the rescue! or more like the right products for each hair-type come in to the rescue.

When selecting a shampoo and conditioner, always check the hair care product label before purchasing and avoid those with alcohol, which can strip away your hair’s natural oils and moisture.

Look for products formulated with nourishing hair care oils such as avocado oil, Argan oil, or coconut oil.

I personally recommend this products that contain great formulas for keeping your hair hydrated:

-ÄZ Remedy Restorative Masque: this incredible masque will help you rejuvenate your damaged hair and make it feel extra smooth and healthy. Just let it sit on your hair for 10 minutes and rinse for amazing looking hair!

-Moroccanoil Moisture repair shampoo: designed to repair and reconstruct distressed or damaged hair with keratin protein.



 3. Excessive hair washing

Okay, so this is a good one. We girls like to smell and look great all the time. And in order to do that, our hair must look impecable and smell like flowers.

Now, we obviously cannot just wash our hair on a daily basis because washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils. So maybe lets just keep our number of hair-washing days to a minimum (maybe 3 days a week is fine). 

(Curly hair can be more prone to dryness, so for those with curls, washing your hair once or twice a week is enough.)

But, if you MUST wash your hair daily, then use a gentle deep conditioner to keep your hair looking and feeling nourished. Look for shampoos that have been formulated for daily use.


So that only leaves us with one solution and an amazing invention: dry shampoo



 4. Over-use of hair dyes and bleaches


This is the mother of all dry hair problems in my opinion. 

Listen, I love dying my hair just like any other girl but I know that because hair dyes have harsh chemicals in their composition my hair will probably need some extra love when the coloring process has been done.

So I have two suggestions for you: 1. Maybe dial down on the frequency of your hair coloring appointments and rock that beautiful natural hair of your, or 2. Get some really great moisturizing products to bring your hair back to life! look for gentle shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair

(If you need help figuring this last part out, I am always available for my clients to discuss haircare routines depending on your hair type and level of damage. So, just book your appointment with me and let's get talking!)



 5. Environmental factors

Okay dolls, now this is one of those things that people don't believe whenever I mention it. You hair also gets damaged from exposure to the elements! just like your skin needs SPF in order for it not to get extremely tanned or moisturizing cream after a day at the pool to rehydrate it, your hair also needs some sort of barrier so that it won't get damaged.

Reduce the risk of hair damage by wearing a hat over your hair on a beach day or avoiding prolonged exposure to the elements.

If you swim in chlorinated pools, protect your hair with a swim cap. You must  also rinse your hair before (and immediately after) jumping in the pool to help prevent your strands from soaking up all that chlorinated water.