Sharing my story

Sharing my story

My name is Eda Ivonne Valle.  I am 42 years young with two beautiful children.   I was born in Mexico City  and I now live in Parkland, Florida and I am extremely passionate about my career as a HairStylist.

As a little girl I would always play with the hair of my dolls and the dolls of my friends.  When I got older my friends would ask me to do their hair and makeup for small parties and Quinceañeras. Everyone loved my work and how beautiful my friends would look.  I felt so proud of myself. That is what ma de me want to become Professional Hair Stylist.


My challenges grew as I got older.  In the morning I would work as a Secretary and in the evening I studied until late at night at the Beauty Academy.  During that time, I suffered the unexpected and tragic loss of both of my parents. I was devastated.  I wanted to give up on everything. Strength came from up above and pushed me forward.  In 1995 I graduated, with HONORS, from the Beauty Academy.


I got married and arrived to the Unite State of America without knowing how to speak in English. I started working  at a warehouse, and at home I styled hair for some clients.  Yet deep inside I knew that I wanted to continue my profession as a Hairstylist and I found additional work being a part time shampoo girl on my days off to pay for my beauty school and get my cosmetology licenses in this county.


Unfortunately my challenges continued. I had to rescue my beauty books  from the garbage because the father of my children was extremely against me continuing with my dream. After all the drama of the domestic abuse, I  got a divorce.  Finally  I Graduate and got my Cosmetology License in 2006.


Then I started to work officially as a Hairstylist in a beauty salon. In the beginning it was maddening because I would wait for clients all day to build up my clientele. But I never gave up, my faith and my passion to be a successful Hairstylist made me strong to follow my dream!


I have not regrets, I feel confident about everything I do.


And I always continue my education in this industry to transform lives, make my costumers happy and keep following my dreams.